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Islam considers marriage as a most approved and virtuous institution and getting a poor girl married as a sadqa jariah. Fazilia trust Pakistan utilizes all its resources to perform the pious task of getting poor girls married by providing them with financial assistance and giving them an opportunity to overcome the financial hurdles.

Fazilia trust has so far gotten 13 needy girls married. Media has appreciated it in various news articles.


Fazilia trust Pakistan provides financial assistance and monthly ration to 13 families on monthly basis. Ramzan is a month of blessing, forgiveness and distribution amongst the poor and     needy. Fazilia trust Pakistan provided Ramzan packages consisting of food items, dates and financial support to 300 poor and downtrodden families in Lakki Marwat, AJK and Punjab.

The Story of Badshah Jan

Through Income Support Programme, Fazilia Trust Pakistan helps poor, needy, elderly and vulnerable people like Bad shah Jan.


Bad shah Jan is an 83 year old man, who belongs to kalabagh, Vernaee. It has been years; he could not do any office/ clerical work due to low education level and could not do any type of labor due to several physical limitations. At this age, when one should be surrounded by his/her loved ones, receiving their care and attention, Bad shah Jan was alone.

Hence, Fazilia Trust Pakistan is now supporting Bad shah Jan under income support programme, where Bad shah Jan is receiving a monthly allowance to meet his basic needs, like medicines etc. His dietary and social needs are also being met through income support programme. Bad shah is now a proud member of the Fazilia Family enjoying an enriched social life!!!!

Free daily kitchen

Poverty and hunger often go together. The affordability of food is usually a bigger issue than its availability in most poor nations. However broader poverty measures cover multiple dimensions e.g., food, income, assets, health etc. Pakistani government surveys periodically measure national absolute poverty. Fazilia trust cannot eradicate complete poverty from Pakistan but keeping in mind the millennium development goals Fazilia trust can contribute in the eradication of poverty and hunger through its free daily kitchen.

Every day 150 homeless people are fed three meals a day under this programme. Almost 4 regular free kitchen events are held on yearly basis in which 1500 people can have 3 free meals from Fazilia kitchen three times a day.

In addition during the month of Ramzan FTP distribute various food items to the needy.



Health and sanitation infrastructure is adequate in urban areas but is generally poor in rural areas. 80 % population in Pakistan does not have access to basic health facilities because of poverty as private hospitals are expensive and public sector is not regularly updated. Fazilia trust understands that every human has a right to basic health facilities. Fazilia trust provides poor and needy people with financial assistance to give them access to hospitals and medications. Fazilia trust is also planning to start an ambulance service to overcome these hurdles and ensure that no man is denied his basic health right due to poverty.

Recently in December 2013 the Trust has donated various food items to Saint Joseph Hospice, Westridge Rawalpindi. The food items included Milk, Flour, Rice, Dal, Sugar and Tea.



Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child