Emergency Response

Earthquake Relief work:

FTP was the first NPO to reach AJK (Dhirkot) during the earthquake disaster of 2005. The Trust provided more than 2,000 earthquake victims with Food, Temporary Shelters, Household items, Clothing and Clean drinking Water. FTP also set up medical camps at Bagh AJK.


Flood Relief work In Vernaee:

Vernaee is a small village consisting of 200 households at Tabisar District Kalabagh. In the floods of 2013 about 80% of the village Vernaee was damaged. FTP supported various families financially and reconstructed 15 houses at the village Vernaee in 2013.In the year 2015, 20 more flood victims were facilitated by Fazilia trust Pakistan. FTP provided the victims with rehabilitation, shelter, first aid and financial assistance for reconstruction of the damaged houses.


Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child