Fazilia Trust / Education

FTP’s education programme focuses on children at risk while aiming for the education, awareness, better upbringing and their well-being. The organization’s major concern is to reach the marginalized children who deserve an opportunity to make their lives better and have the ability and interest but lack the opportunity. Through this programme, we are not only providing education to the downtrodden, underprivileged and neglected children but are also aiming to improve their living conditions by providing them with opportunities. Education would give them exposure, awareness, access to better job opportunities and would act as a catalyst in class mobilization and better economic conditions.

As nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”.



This programme emphasizes on:

  • Quality and relevance of education as a fundamental element of development.
  • Inclusion of children and communities left out of education process.
  • Equal distribution of rights to every student.

Fazilia Public Secondary School Garhi Afghana:

Fazilia Trust Pakistan has been running a school in Village Ghari Afghana (Taxila) since 2000. The chairman of the Fazilia Trust Pakistan joined the government in the concept of enlightened moderation and formed the first model institute of Pakistan on 22nd Feb 2000. Today that institute consists of an English medium schooling system, a well equipped boarding facility and a degree college for women.


School has the strength of 384 students. Out of which 38% students are paying nominal fee, whereas the rest are availing free education or subsidy under sponsor a child programme. The school offers education up to class 10th. Fazilia schooling system in collaboration with FUNKOR child art centre also carries out various workshops to enhance the confidence and abilities of the students.

Fazilia boarding facility:

Fazilia boarding facility provides a homely, tidy and well disciplined living environment to 80 students. These students include orphans, abandoned street children who are willing to study and students from terrorist effected regions.

Fazilia Degree College for Women:

Fazilia trust Pakistan realizing the need for a science college in the village Garhi Afghana Tehsil Taxila where there was no such facility available for girls laid the foundation of Fazilia Degree College for women which is functional since 2013.

Fazilia Girls Primary School:

The project was implemented in Dhirkot, District Bagh, and AJK which was devastated by 2005 earthquake. There was no educational facility within 5 km radius so FTP with the assistance of GGP Japan has constructed a primary school facility for girl students of the area which can cater for educational needs of at least 320 girls. Currently 74 girls are enrolled in this school.

Fazilia sponsor a child programme:

Since 2009 FTP is running sponsor a child programme to provide free education to the needy and hard area children deprived of basic educational facilities. Fazilia Trust’s boarding facilitates these students by providing three meals daily, free books and uniform for school. Donors of sponsor a child programme are provided with updates about the child they pledged to support.

Fazilia skills development centre:

Fazilia Trust Pakistan established a skills development centre in 2015 in Garhi Afghana Taxilla. FTP under its Skills Development and Women Empowerment course has trained women in weaving, computer training, English language and arts and crafts. The training programme is designed for women especially with disabilities.

Fazilia Extended Education Support Programme:

FTP is paying school fee of 3 children at a government school in Dhouk syedaan Rawalpindi.FTP is also supporting professional education of two girls.FTP provides uniforms, stationary, board examination fee and notebooks to approximately 100 students of different government schools every year.

Fazilia trust Pakistan constructed the building of government middle school Bolo Ghal AJK. The school was completely destroyed in 2008 earthquake. Currently there are 165 students enrolled in the school. Fazilia also constructed a waiting area at Dhirkot Bagh AJK for the girls of local college who had to stand on the roadside for hours, waiting for public transport.


  • As Henri Matisse said “creativity takes courage”. Fazilia firmly believes that extracurricular activities are as much a part of student’s growth as education. FTP ensures that regular team building exercises, creativity workshops and educational trips are carried out for the students of Fazilia Schooling System. FUNKOR Child Art Center has been helping Fazilia in carrying out such events at school level:-Ahmad Imtiaz, a child from a downtrodden and distressed family, studying in class 9th at Fazilia Schooling System participated in the Fifteenth International Festivities of Brass Orchestras Montana 2016 (an international contest for drawing held at Germany 2016). The student was nominated by FUNKOR Child Arts Centre. The Theme of this Art Competition was “World Peace”.
  • FTP believes in enabling the deserving yet deprived children in achieving their goals through education. The main aim of FTP’s extended education Programme is to reach marginalized children who deserve a chance to make their lives better and have the ability and interest but lack the opportunity. FTP in year 2016 constructed a school at village Nakar Makhiala Tehsil Dhirkot AJ&K for the local students who had no access to any educational institute.
  • Fazilia Trust Pakistan is currently sponsoring education of 3 girls from various universities. Mishal Murtaza is doing her bachelors in Biology, Kehkashan Noor is studying in Fatima Jinnah Women University and Sundas Tariq is doing her MBBS from AJK medical college Muzafferabad.