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Thank you for showing interest in funding our programmes. Fund raising is an important part of our mission to provide opportunities to the underprivileged and neglected segments of the society. You can make a difference in the lives of people, communities and specially children through your contributions. Pakistan ranks 145 out of 187 countries according to Human Development Index 2011.About 49.9% of people in Pakistan are illiterate. According to the HDI, 60.3% of Pakistan’s population lives below the poverty line and 17.6% of the children work due to poor economic conditions 51% of population of Pakistan is deprived of basic health facilities.

Fazilia Trust Pakistan for over a decade has been able to respond to humanitarian needs because of private funds raised to support this fundamental work. It is your support that allows Fazilia Trust Pakistan to help thousands of families all over Pakistan.

Ramzan is the month of Mercy, Forgiveness and Charity and Zakat is an important pillar of Islam. Zakat donations are your investment with Allah. Any charity that you give will be repaid to you by Allah in the form of reward. Zakat helps the unfortunate ones to enjoy the comforts we are blessed with. Zakat helps in maintaining the familiarity bond between the rich and the poor because the Allah is fond of those who help and give charity to the deserving and deprived.


Fazilia trust Pakistan has been helping the needy and unfortunate individuals from the past 2 decades by providing education, financial assistance, free daily kitchen facilities, distribution of grocery packs under Ramzan/Eid packages and environment sustainability. FTP has been supporting poor and downtrodden families by providing them with monthly ration, Ramzan packages and financial assistance under poverty and hunger Programme. This Programme caters to those under privileged families who are unable to meet their basic needs due to poverty, disability and lack of opportunities.

Among many initiatives taken by FTP, Ramzan/Eid package is one of them.  Every year we benefit about 700 families under our Ramzan/Eid Package Programme. Join Fazilia Trust Pakistan (FTP) in bringing joys of Ramzan and Eid to those who are unfortunate enough to not afford it. FTP ensures that no human is denied access to basic facilities due to his/her inability to afford. Even your little contributions can make a huge difference. Let’s build a better world together


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